Seasons in the Sun is a clothing brand for babies, girls and boys up to 12 years whose ultimate ideal is authentic design, and not mass-produced.  A new project, with limited production, where we value art and craftsmanship, quality and a sense of practicality, good design that emanates from natural laws, and creation as a result of the experience of living with children and respecting their choices. 

 We design with them and for them. It is important for us what they choose and why. Their feedback is what inspires us and what propels us forward. We want them to express themselves through our clothes, that they can live and dress their freedom, their ideas, their dreams, their challenges. 

We focus on what is most important: quality and comfort, avoiding unnecessary seams and labels, clothing which is difficult to put on and take off, toxic chemicals in the prints, the use of plastics, the uncontrolled creation of waste.  

This story began when we had children. We spend a lot of time with them and this seems like the coolest thing in our lives. We don’t look for perfection, we want to grow with and for them, respecting their need for independence and authenticity, and adapting our designs to their fantasies. 

Join our world.

The team at Seasons in the Sun :)