Alternative fashion and accessories for babies and children up to 12 years of age.

Our brand is focused on quality with a distressed, minimalist and post punk-oriented style. Lineal cuts, practical and clean shapes that look great, allow for autonomy for your child. We design our products to follow body shape and natural movement, free from restrictions. Decorative stitching, raw edges or hanging fibres are all key elements of our collection. 

We use top quality fabrics like Certified Organic Cotton, Premium Tencel or Premium Microfibers and Tulle. The inks we use for printing are vegan, water-based, and free of harmful chemicals. Our printing partner´s high-quality printing tech creates almost no waste-waters and uses less energy than standard industry printers, lowering our carbon footprint. Our GO GREEN line is entirely on-demand, this means we only produce items we get an order for, avoiding textile waste from overproduction. 

As a luxury casual partywear line, our WELOVETUTUS collection aims for individuality and practicality of unique designs. PLAY LOUD is our streetwear collection of practical urban fashion inspired by '60s, '70s, '80s, and '90s music scenes and street art. Bohemia, authenticity, spirit of freedom and rebellion in both casual and timeless designs. #SUNEVERYDAY is our resort and beachwear line full of seriously cool and super light cotton beach pieces, swimwear and beach accessories. 

We are inspired by our kids: their games and authenticity, and we believe there is no need to overly accessorise them or dress them up. A harmonious, functional, yet cool wardrobe is born.  

We create a personal and modern look, minimalist and timeless. Each design is authentic and unique, just like each of our kids. Our brand grows with them and for them, as we adapt our designs to their adventures. 

We hope you fall in love with our world. 

The team at Seasons in the Sun :)